My Story

Who am I?

Here is a little of my story – which I hope addresses some commonly asked questions and sets out where I am coming from and the experiences I bring to my working relationship.

My Story

For over thirty years I have dedicated my working life to young people as a teacher of drama and English. As an educator I have experienced the highs and lows of learning new skills…the highs of achievement and the stresses of the pressure to perform in sometimes very critical work places.

Now as a therapist I am able to give support in more quality time to support those journeys – from the other side!

Before I was a salary slave, I was a performer and play leader. I worked in various community venues running play schemes, drama workshops and committing myself to helping the unheard in my local communities; women, youngsters, LGBTQI and diverse Civil Rights groups. I was part of a touring theatre group also.

I was the first in my family to make it to university. Once there, studying English & American Studies I was confused about my direction. I was lucky enough to go onto a Drama & English teacher training course in Manchester, where I felt most at home.

As a teenager, my family moved around a great deal from the U. S. to England, Saudi & Nigeria. Through many a culture clash, I longed for consistency and stability.

As a military baby and then child, I struggled with the confusion of being labelled from a ‘broken home’ and found comfort most among friends, animal friends and the outdoors – away from ‘grown up’ rules!

This is my story.

What’s your story?